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Meito (F & B Japan) China Cecil

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Description Add to Cart Price Each
6 Bread and butter plate 6 1/2" dia —Like new $5.50 China Replacements
1 Covered veg, oval (bottom only) 8 5/8" (no lid) can be used without lid —Like new $55.00 China Replacements
4 Dinner plate 9 7/8" dia —Like new $17.00 China Replacements
1 Platter, large 16" —Like new $69.00 China Replacements
7 Salad plate 7 3/4" dia —Like new $11.00 China Replacements
3 Saucer only 5 5/8" dia —Like new $6.00 China Replacements
1 Sugar bowl with lid —Like new $35.00 China Replacements

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