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Temperware by Lenox

Dew Drops: A Personal Account

It was fall of 1997 and my husband and I were living in New York, well Brooklyn Heights to be exact.  We were newly married, and I had just passed the bar exam.  I was a new lawyer at a small firm and my husband was an only slightly more-seasoned lawyer specializing in patent law.  We were looking for bargains one rainy Saturday afternoon, and my husband took me to a thrift shop where rich New Yorkers gave their slightly used goods to benefit cancer research.  

I was hoping to find some tables to furnish our new apartment.  My husband, an experienced thrift shop shopper spotted an almost complete set of dishes.  Service for 8.  The only problem: I didn't want to get this incomplete set of slightly gray dishes.  I wanted to go and get dishes at Crate and Barrel like everyone else.  My husband insisted.  He said he knew what these were.  

The lady behind the desk, either feeling sorry for us or because she didn't think anyone else would want this incomplete set of gray dishes, practically gave us the set for free.  When we got home, my husband carefully unwrapped the dishes and put them in our dishwasher.  When the cycle was over, I half-heartedly took them out of the machine.  Much to my surprise the gray color (which I surmised must have been from years of being wrapped in newspaper) was gone and there was a very sweet, but not saccharine, floral pattern

The pattern was white flowers on blue with a white background and blue border.  The dishes were something called Temperware by Lenox and the pattern's name was Dewdrops.  Amazingly it had been discontinued by Lenox in 1984.  Thirteen years before we found it on the rainy Saturday afternoon.  

Lenox manufactured Temperware in the 80s and 90s until they discontiinued the entire line.  The condition of the plates was remarkable and remained that way for the many years that we used it.  A few years ago I donated those dishes, still in great shape, to another charity and bought new dishes at Crate and Barrel.  I like them, but they have a few chips already and a couple have started to craze.  My husband still doesn't understand why I made the change.  And some days I wonder too.  

Below is a list of some other great Lenox Temperware patterns and a little description for each one.  If you are lucky enough to find them liike I did, don't let them go.  If you are lucky enough to own some and want to add to your set, look for dealers who carry discontinued Temperware.  

About other Lenox Temperware patterns

Lenox, Inc.  is located in Trenton, New Jersey.  In the 1980's and 90's, the company produced a line called "Temperware".  The Temperware pieces can go from refrigerator, to oven, to the table and are quite durable.  Here are some popular Lenox Temperware Patterns with descriptions:

Blue Breeze

Blue Breeze has of a circle of small blue flowers against a cream-colored background.  The pattern was introduced in YEAR and discontinued in YEAR.  

Brushwork Beige

The Lenox Temperware Brushwork Beige pattern has a speckled beige background with a brown and a grey stripe around the border.  The pattern began in 1985 and was discontinued in 1989.  


Dewdrops is one of the more popular Temperware patterns.  This pattern has white flowers on blue with a white background and blue border.  The pattern was discontinued in 1984.  Lenox China Company Dewdrops Gravy Boat

Fall Blossoms

The Fall Blossoms Lenox Temperware pattern has a beige background with autumn-colored flowers.  Lenox China Company Fall Blossoms Dinner Plate

Fancy Free

The Fancy Free Temperware pattern by Lenox has a spray of blue and green branches with a yellow and blue butterfly.  A blue trim adorns the edges.  The background is a speckled tan.  The pattern began in 1977 and was discontinued in 1988.  

Fire Flower

Lenox's Fire Flower has vibrant orange poppy-like flowers and trim on a cream background.  The pattern was discontinued in 1984. 

Magic Garden

The Lenox Temperware pattern, Magic Garden, has a unique finish to it, kind of bumpy.  The design is that of assorted wild flowers on a cream colored background with a rust-brown trim.  The pattern was discontinued in 1986.  


Lenox Merriment is one of the Temperware Patterns that goes from refrigerator to oven to table.  This patterns has a tan background covered with small multi-colored flowers and leaves.  The pattern was discontinued in 1986. 


Percussion by Lenox is another of their Temperware line.  There were two variation of this pattern.  One had the black band at the very edge of the pattern; the other, had it offset from the edge.  The pattern was discontinued in 1982.

Poppies on Blue

The Lenox Poppies on Blue pattern is "China Stone", another of Lenox's oven safe lines.  The dinnerware has more of a china look than the more ceramic look of the Temperware.  The pattern features red poppies with green leaves and what looks like blue leaves or buds. 


The Lenox Quakertown pattern, another of the Temperware line, was discontinued in 1986.  The design consists of yellow, pink and blue flowers with green leaves on a dappled cream background. 


Sandflowers by Lenox is another Temperware pattern.  It has a tan background with small blue, white and yellow daisy-like flowers.  There is also a leaf-like blue and yellow border.  The pattern was discontinued in 1985.  


The Lenox Temperware Pattern, Sketchbook, shows multi-colored floral display with butterflies.  It has a blue line around the outer rim.  The pattern was discontinued in 1987. 

Spanish Swirl

The Lenox Temperware pattern, Spanish Swirl, has green flowers on a shiny black background. 


The Lenox Sprite pattern is a floral design on a tannish, speckled background.  The pattern was discontinued in 1981.  


The Lenox Staccato is done in red, blue and black on a cream-colored background.  The pattern was discontinued in 1981.  

Summer Spice

The Lenox Summer Spice pattern features a spray of summer wild flowers in yellow and blue.  This is one of the Temperware patterns that goes from oven to table and is quite durable.  The pattern was discontinued in 1985. 

Summer Wind

The Lenox Summer Wind Temperware pattern was discontinued in 1983.  It has a cream background with orange, yellow and purple flowers with a green border.  


The Woodspice Temperware pattern by Lenox has large cream-colored leaves against a rust-brown background.  The pattern was discontinued in 1981.

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