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:: Noritake :: A century in the making ::

Noritake China History

The year is 1876.  Millard Fillmore is the president of the United States.  Commodore Matthew Perry rules the seas.  The Shogunate government controls Japan.  Following an agreement among these three forces, trade is finally established between the United States and Japan.  One cannot overstate the overwhelming short term and long term importance of this event.  An example of the commercial and artistic benefiits of this agreement is the creation and continued success of Noritake china.  In order to assert control over its exports, Japan opened an export oriented china factory in Noritake in 1904.  Now, over a century later, Noritake continues to offer the United States and the rest of the world the essential elements for a beautiful table: china, crystal and flatware.

Noritake Bone China

In the 100 years since Noritake opened its doors, there have been thousands of exquisite patterns created.  While styles have changed over the years, and many china patterns discontinued, the refinement and good taste of Noritake has never waivered.  One such example of its classic appeal is the formal Royal Pierpoint White bone china.  Introduced to the market in 1985, a realtive baby in Noritake's long history, Royal Pierpoint white is simple and refined.  A classic.  Another example of Noritake style is Noritake's Sheer Ivory bone china.  The color, Sheer Ivory, is a Noritake exclusive, and its soft glow and smple beauty brings elegance to any table.  

Noritake Casual Patterns

Beauty is not just for special occasions.  For the casual table,and everyday use, Noritake offers Versatone China, Stoneware and Keltcraft earthenware from Ireland.  All Noritake casual dinnerware are freezer to oven (microwave and conventional) safe.  As its name suggests, Versatone is versatile.  While its durability makes it ideal for everday use, Versatone is pretty enough for special occassions.  Similarly, Primastone Stoneware and Keltcraft earthenware are tough enough for breakfast with the kids and magical enough for a candle-lit dinner without them.

Noritake Crystal

Perhaps better known for its formal china and casual dinnerware, Noritake Crystal is a hidden jewel.  This elegant 25% lead crystal is mouth blown and hand decorated.  Imagine your table, set with Noritake formal china and beautifully sparkling Noritake Crystal.  You just might want to raise a glass to Commodore Perry and toast President Fillmore and the shogunate government.

The Future of Noritake

After more than one hundred years of producing items of distinction, Noritake's future is luminous.  Noritake is the choice of today's brides just as it was the choice of their mothers and grandmothers.  Not surpringly, Noritake is looking to secure its future success by reaching back to another dynasty, also known for its elegance and beauty.  While only approaching its centenial as a china manufacturer, Noritake has adopted a process to re-create cobalt blue patterns that were first made during the Ming Dynasty in ancient China.  It is only fitting that Noritake would seek to emulate the best, creating future treasures for future generations.

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