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:: Lenox China: American Elegance ::

About Lenox China Inc.

Lenox is the premier American china and crystal manufacturer.  Walter Scott Lenox founded Lenox China in 1889 and was determined from the beginning that his upstart American company not only rival the established European manufacturers, but surpass them.  Anyone who has seen Lenox Westchester or dined at a table set with Lenox Autumn, just to name a few of Lenox's many patterns, knows that Mr.  Lenox succeeded.  For many, Lenox is not only the premier American china and crystal manufacturer, but it is a world leader as well.

A mere 29 years after it was founded, Lenox produced its first White House service in 1918 for President Woodrow Wilson.  This was the first of many presidential services produced by Lenox and the beginning of a lasting patronage between Lenox and the seat of American power.  Lenox produced presidential china services at the request of presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan and is the official supplier of china to the White House.  In addition, Lenox produces the official crystal of the Vice President of the United States and is the official supplier of crystal to the American embassies around the world.  

Lenox Quality

Lenox has always remained true to its American roots.  And in the spirit of democracy, the same steps that go into making the White House Services, including the 18 unique hand inspections of each and every piece, go into making every piece of Lenox, including the ones at your house.

As the premier American china and crystal manufacturer, Lenox is an international representative of America, a symbol of our values as a culture and as a people.  It is satisfying to know that Lenox is recognized around the world for its beauty, strength, elegance and graciousness.  

Lenox Products

Lenox has expanded its line since the days of Walter Scott Lenox, but his commitment to quality and beauty remain in every piece.  Currently Lenox offers the following lines:

Lenox Fine China, Lenox Bone China, hand blown Lenox Crystal, Temperware by Lenox and Lenox Chinastone .

Lenox Fine China and Bone China

Lenox is perhaps best known for its line of Fine China and Bone China.  Lenox is the only manufacturer of Bone China in the United States.  While more information on the manufacture of bone china can be found on the Lenox website or learned while on a tour of the Lenox factory, the most salient fact is that, as the name suggests, bone ash is a component added to strengthen bone china.  That is not to say that Lenox Fine China is not also strong.  Do not be fooled by Lenox Fine China's delicate appearance.  Lenox Fine China is amazingly strong and meant to be used and enjoyed.  Hand washing is preferred but the dishwasher can also be used.

Lenox Crystal

While perhaps not as well known as Lenox Fine China and Bone China, Lenox crystal has an international reputation all of its own.  As mentioned above, Lenox Crystal is the official crystal for the Vice President of the United States and the supplier for U.S.  embassies around the world.  Hand blown Lenox Crystal , which is made in western Pennsylvania, must meet the same exacting standards as all other Lenox products.  The crowning touch to your table set with Lenox Fine China or Bone China is the coordinating Lenox Crystal.  

Lenox Temperware

Lenox knows that casual shouldn't mean second rate.  Temperware by Lenox is beautiful, very strong and made for everyday use.  Temperware is a ceramic dinnerware that Lenox guarantees against breaking, cracking, crazing and chipping.  

Lenox Temperware is stronger than ironstone, stoneware, and earthenware.  Temperware is dishwasher safe.  You can also bake, broil, freeze and serve in these pieces.

Lenox Chinastone

Lenox Chinastone has the appeal of fine china and the strength of stoneware.  Lenox Chinastone is versatile and all pieces have been designed to save space.  For example, the sugar bowl can be used as a jam or condiment jar.  Lenox Chinastone goes from freezer to oven and is microwave and dishwasher safe.  

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